Plastic lumber sections suitable for use as joists, battens and more.

Plastic Lumber

Plastic Lumber by Manticore®

  • Up to 10-years Warranty

    For your peace of mind

  • Heavy Duty Support

    Strong and durable

  • No Maintenance Needed

    Never treat or protect

  • 100% Recycled Plastic

    No trees cut down

  • Complete Recycled Material:

    Manticore plastic wood is produced exclusively from 100% recycled plastic sourced within the UK, embodying our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Resilience Against Nature:

    Our plastic wood is resilient in the face of the elements, offering ease of handling, durability, and resistance to rot. It remains a long-lasting choice, requiring no maintenance over the years.
  • Sustainable Production:

    We take pride in our sustainable manufacturing practices. All the electricity utilized in the raw material processing and production of Manticore Lumber is derived from 100% renewable wind energy sources, furthering our dedication to eco-friendly processes.

Manticore® Lumber

Installation Guide

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