Elevate your garden with composite decking engineered to be free from splinters, resistant to fading, and a breeze to maintain. This will provide you with a gorgeous, secure, and cozy outdoor area that will endure for many years.

Composite Decking

  • Low Maintenance

    Easy to care for

  • Highly Durable

    Anti-slip, anti-rot & anti-splinter

  • Long Lasting

    Up to 25-years warranty

  • 90% Recycled

    Made with 100% wind energy

  • Why choose Composite?

    Durable and long-lasting

    Composite decking is designed to have a long lifespan, allowing you to savor your outdoor area for an extended period while reducing concerns about upkeep and fixes.
  • Why choose Composite?

    Suitable for home builds and larger projects

    Become part of the expanding group of contented customers who have opted for our composite decking for their outdoor areas. Hyperion decking has been utilized in countless residences throughout the UK and endorsed by top developers in the country.
  • Why choose Composite?

    The sustainable choice

    By choosing our product, you contribute positively to the environment. Hyperion decking is crafted from 90% recycled materials, manufactured using 100% renewable energy, and 10% of our profits are donated to Rainforest Trust UK.
  • Best-in-class features

    Extremely Low Maintenance

    Our decking demands minimal effort to maintain its pristine appearance, allowing you to unwind and enjoy your space without the worry of constant upkeep. Unlike traditional wood, composite decking resists rot, insects, and fading. Moreover, there's no need for painting, staining, or sealing!
  • Best-in-class features

    Cost effective

    Engineered to endure the harshest weather conditions, composite decking results in reduced ongoing maintenance costs, making it a more economical choice over the long term when compared to wood.
  • Best-in-class features

    Family-Friendly and Safe

    The non-slip, anti-splinter properties of composite deck boards provide a secure solution for the entire family. The unique material blend offers exceptional traction, even in wet conditions, reducing the risk of slips and accidents.
  • Easy to Install

    While ensuring proper installation is crucial for the long-term performance of a composite deck, the installation process itself can be relatively straightforward and uncomplicated. With a little care and attention to detail, anyone can set up a composite deck that is both beautiful and functional, offering years of relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Certified Installer Network

    We maintain a well-established network of reputable third-party installers located throughout the UK. This ensures you have access to local installers with the necessary expertise to install our products effectively.
  • Do-It-Yourself Installation

    Many of our customers opt to install their new composite decking independently. We provide online and downloadable installation guides, as well as readily available support to assist you with your project.
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  • Sample packs to your door

    Compare Shades

    Whether you're in search of a natural wood appearance or a contemporary composite finish, our samples enable you to juxtapose various materials and shades directly.
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  • Sample packs to your door

    Assess the Excellence

    Before making a substantial investment, scrutinize the durability and finish of our products to ensure you're confident in your decision, knowing it will provide lasting value for years.
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  • Sample packs to your door

    Experience the Distinction

    The texture and tactile sensation of your decking material can significantly impact comfort and safety. Familiarize yourself with the embossed texture of our products, which delivers outstanding slip resistance.
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Composite Decking

Installation and Maintenance Guide

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