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  • Getting Started

    The allure of a beautiful, low-maintenance deck is a dream for many homeowners. Traditional wood decks have their charm, but they also come with a fair share of...READ MORE
    Get Started
  • How to fit Composite Decking

    Ensure you have the Hyperion® Composite Decking boards according to your project specifications. Check that you have all the necessary framing materials and hardware.... READ MORE
    Learn more
  • Tools for the job

    In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential tools you need to fit composite decking successfully....READ MORE
    What tools are required?
  • DIY enthusiasts can install Decking

    Composite decking can be a suitable option for DIY projects, depending on your specific needs and skills. Here are some factors to consider...Read More
    Is Decking DIY friendly?

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How to fit Composite Decking

Want to learn more about Composite Decking? Read our article on how to fit Composite Decking.