MESA Support Pedestals stand out as the most intelligent, sturdy, and eco-friendly decking joist and paver support feet available in the market.

Adjustable Pedestals

  • Heavy Duty

    Support up to 1000kg

  • Long Lasting

    20-year warranty

  • Adjustable Height

    From 10 - 740mm

  • 90% Recycled

    Made with 100% wind energy

Adjustable Support Pedestals MESA®

  • Versatile for Any Setting:

    Whether you're working on a commercial project or a residential installation, this simple-to-install, low-maintenance solution is the ideal choice for any space.
  • Exceptional Reliability:

    MESA pedestals are ultra-reliable, capable of supporting loads of up to 1000KG, and they are backed by a 20-year limited residential warranty, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Adaptable Accessories:

    Enhance your setup with a range of practical accessories including rubber support pads, joist cradles, paving gaskets, rubber shims, spacer tabs, and slope correctors, catering to a variety of applications and needs.
  • Extensive Range:

    MESA offers a broad assortment of decking risers, joist cradles, and paving pedestals in various heights to meet all your subframe needs and preferences.
  • Effortless Setup:

    The installation process is a breeze – a quick twist of the pedestals allows for easy height adjustment, ensuring versatility and efficiency during installation.
  • Environmentally Responsible:

    MESA's plastic support pedestals are crafted using 90% recycled plastic, and any rubber components are manufactured from 100% recycled rubber, underlining our commitment to sustainable solutions.