Welcome to our FAQ page, designed to answer common questions about installing Hyperion Cladding. If you have more specific queries, don't hesitate to reach out to us for personalized support.  

Cladding Frequently Asked Questions


To accommodate material expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, ensure a minimum gap of 8 mm for butt joints when using 3.6 m length boards. For trimmed boards, create an expansion gap that's at least 0.2% of the trimmed board's length.

Pre-drill screw holes in the cladding boards, 2mm wider than the screw thread, to allow for material expansion. These holes should align with the supporting battens. Use screws with a maximum head thickness of 2mm and avoid over-tightening. 


A cavity of at least 38 mm is crucial for air ventilation and rainwater drainage, ensuring the longevity of your cladding and the building's structure.

Yes, Pioneer composite cladding boards are rigid enough to be installed without starter fasteners. Just make sure to follow the pre-drilling and secure screwing guidelines.

You can use Hyperion Fascia Boarding to cover expansion gaps. Measure and cut the fascia boards to size, pre-drill, and screw them into place. Coloured screws and screw caps are also available for a polished look.

Hyperion Corner Trim is an ideal choice for covering corners and edges. Cut it to size, mitre it at 45 degrees if needed, pre-drill, and screw it into place. It can also be combined with Hyperion Fascia Boards for deeper window and door frames.

Soffit installation's details depend on your building's specific requirements. Ensure you accurately measure the length and width of each board. Use a starter fastener to securely install cladding boards in the soffit area, pre-drilling as needed.

Additional battening may be required around doors and windows. The specific amount needed can vary based on your chosen finishing option.

Fascia boarding is suggested wherever horizontal cladding meets a roofline, window ledge, or butts up against a horizontal edge or barrier.

If you're concerned about visible screws, coloured screws and screw caps can be obtained from general builders' merchants to provide a more polished look.

If you have any further questions or need additional guidance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for personalised assistance with your Hyperion Cladding installation.