How to Fit Hyperion® Composite Fencing

How to Fit Hyperion® Composite Fencing

How to Fit Hyperion® Composite Fencing: A Detailed Installation Guide

Transforming your outdoor space with durable, aesthetically pleasing Hyperion® Composite Fencing is a great investment for homeowners. This guide provides comprehensive steps for fitting Hyperion® Composite Fencing, ensuring a beautiful, low-maintenance perimeter for your property.

Pre-Installation Preparations

  1. Safety Gear: Always prioritize safety. Essential items include safety glasses, ear protection, dust masks, and work gloves to protect against debris, noise, and dust.

  2. Gather Necessary Tools: Tools required include a measuring tape, spirit level, circular saw, cordless drill/driver, level, string line, and post hole digger.

  3. Material Gathering: Ensure you have all fencing materials, including composite fencing panels, posts, and necessary hardware.

Step-by-Step Installation

  1. Site Preparation: Clear and level the installation area, ensuring a stable foundation for the fence.

  2. Installing Posts: Depending on the foundation type, choose the appropriate post installation method:

    • Ground Anchor Pole: For solid foundations like concrete, use a round metal pole (<44mm diameter) and secure it with concrete.
    • Post Stands: For fences up to 1m high on solid foundations.
    • Fence Post Spikes: Suitable for soft foundations, driven into the ground with a sledgehammer.
  3. Spacing Fence Slats & Posts: Leave a 4mm expansion gap between the slat and post. Measure 1874mm between post supports to accommodate panels and posts.

  4. Installing Fence Panels:

    • Prepare and install panel cap clips.
    • Slide panels down the post grooves into the panel cap.
    • Continue adding panels to the required height (12 slats for a standard 1.8m fence).
  5. Adjusting for Gradients: Miter fence slat ends or rip the bottom panel slat to fit sloped terrain.

  6. Fencing at Angles: Trim panel clips to accommodate non-standard angles.

  7. Installing onto Existing Posts: Use aluminium post channels for securing fence panels between existing posts.

  8. Final Steps: Install fence post caps and ensure all components are secure and level.


With these steps, you'll have a functional, elegant fence that enhances your property's aesthetic and value. Regular maintenance and inspections will ensure long-lasting durability and appeal.


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