Plastic Signage Post - 80x80mm

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Get Maintenance-Free Fencing and Signage with Manticore Lumber

Get Discounted Maintenance-Free Fencing and Signage with Manticore Lumber

Upgrade your outdoor space with Manticore Lumber, the environmentally friendly and maintenance-free solution for fencing and signage. Made in the UK using 100% recycled plastics, Manticore Lumber is durable and comes with a 10-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

  • 80x80mm profile
  • Available in 3.1m lengths
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic and fully recyclable
  • Saves you money over the years as it will never rot or need treating

Recycled plastic lumber is both practical and environmentally friendly, delivering excellent benefits to your project. Our recycled plastic lumber products are exceedingly durable, anti-rot, and maintenance-free. Unlike traditional timber, plastic lumber lasts far longer, does not split or splinter, and does not require frequent treatment such as sanding, staining, and sealing. This results in considerable lifetime cost savings by reducing maintenance and replacement budgets.

Plastic lumber is also incredibly versatile, being suitable for far more environments than wood. It can even be built directly into the ground due to its waterproof nature. This makes it the ideal material for areas subject to flooding or standing water.

Manticore plastic wood is manufactured using 100% recycled plastic sourced in the UK. It is easy to work with, heavy-duty, and rot-resistant, lasting for years to come with no maintenance necessary. All electricity used in raw material processing and manufacturing of Manticore Lumber is from 100% renewable wind energy, making it a sustainable choice. Unlike traditional lumber, plastic wood will not split, warp, or splinter, making it a versatile material for a variety of projects such as decking subframes, cladding battening, boardwalks in nature reserves, beautifully crafted gates, benches, and street signage. Manticore lumber comes with a 10-year limited residential warranty against breakage, splinters, rot, and fungal decay.

Upgrade your outdoor space with Manticore Lumber today

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