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Ground Spikes for Decking Installation

Looking for a simple and effective alternative to a cement base for decking installation on soft ground? Our ground spikes offer just that! They provide a solid foundation on which decking pedestals can be placed, such as our MESA pedestals.

Our ground spikes are quick and easy to install. Simply drive them into the ground with a sledgehammer or similar tool. This provides an alternative solution to cement base where weights allow. For more information on how to use ground spikes for decking foundation, check out our blog post: 'How to use ground spikes for decking foundation'.

Product Details

  • 4 ground spikes per pack
  • W250 x D250 x H412mm per individual unit
  • Made entirely from electrophoretic coated steel
  • Carries up to 300kg in good ground conditions

Upgrade your decking installation with our ground spikes today! Shop now and enjoy a hassle-free installation process.

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