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MESA Support Pedestals - The Intelligent, Robust and Sustainable Joist Supports

MESA Support Pedestals - The Perfect Choice for Your Lifestyle

Upgrade your outdoor space with MESA Support Pedestals - the most intelligent, robust and sustainable joist supports in the market. With support heights ranging from 10mm to 595mm, our pedestals can support loads up to 1000KG and come with a 20-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Features and Benefits

  • 12.5mm support pad for paving slabs or deck bearers
  • 3mm paving spacers in-built
  • 4 joist guides for secure support
  • Stackable design for height variations
  • 90% recycled Polypropylene and 100% recyclable
  • Quick and simple to install, saving you time and money over traditional supports
  • Require 3 - 7 per 1m² of decking*

*Use as a guide, please use your own accurate plans to help determine required material

More Information on the Range

Whether you're looking for a residential or commercial solution, MESA Support Pedestals are the perfect choice. Our easy-to-install and low maintenance pedestals are ultra-reliable, supporting loads up to 1000KG and come with a 20-year limited residential warranty. Plus, our adaptable add-ons such as rubber support pads, joist cradles, paving gaskets, rubber shims, spacer tabs and slope correctors make them suitable for a variety of different applications.

Wide Selection for All Your Subframe Requirements

MESA manufactures decking risers, joist cradles and paving pedestals in a variety of heights, making them incredibly versatile and efficient to install. A simple twist of the pedestals easily adjusts their height, ensuring level-headed support for your outdoor space. Plus, our sustainable solutions mean that our plastic support pedestals are made using 90% recycled plastic and any rubber

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