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Hyperion® Pioneer Fencing Set

Create a Secure and Stylish Perimeter with Hyperion® Pioneer Fencing Set

Make your property stand out with the environmentally friendly Hyperion® Pioneer Fencing Set. This set includes:

  • 1x Post: W100 x D100 x H2400mm (W0.33 x D0.33 x H7.87ft)
  • 1x Fencing Post Ground Anchor: W42.4 x H1600mm (W0.14 x H5.25 ft)
  • 1x Post Cap: W120 x D120 x H20mm (W0.4 x D0.4 x H0.07ft)
  • 2x Post Inserts: H2400mm (H7.87ft)
  • 4x Clips
  • Additional materials available for purchase

The unique composition of recycled wood and plastic ensures that your fencing blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings for years to come. With Hyperion® Pioneer Fencing, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 15-year residential, 10-year commercial limited warranty
  • Quick and easy installation with tongue and groove profile
  • Low-maintenance
  • Mix and match components to create a custom design
  • 4-way post grooves for 90 and 180-degree panelling
  • Tight fit for strong and robust fencing
  • Seamless finish with wood-plastic composite panel caps, post caps, and post inserts

The innovative fencing system with additional posts, panels, and caps available in a variety of colours allows you to create your own custom fencing that will suit your style and design. Hyperion® Pioneer Fencing is made almost entirely from recycled and sustainable materials that do not rot or splinter, and never need to be treated, so you save every year over standard wood fencing.

Invest in Hyperion® Pioneer Fencing Set and enjoy a secure and stylish

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